Soothing Eye Stone Remedies : Eye Stones

These Hukka Orbits Eye Stones are handcrafted from Finnish soapstone and help to soothe puffy and irritated eyes. The stones have been a healing beauty remedy for thousands of years and are available on skincare brand Tata Harper’s web shop — the brand is best known for its high end and vegan-friendly products.

The eye stones provide a soothing and cooling effect when applied to the skin and are ideal for treating irritation and itchiness caused by seasonal allergy symptoms along with puffiness caused by oversleeping or computer-related eye strain.

As consumers embrace natural alternatives to more medicinal allergy treatments, lifestyle and wellness brands are taking notice and are carrying more products that address this consumer desire. These eye stones are an effective remedy for mild allergy symptoms while also doubling as a soothing at-home spa treatment.

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