Anti-Allergy Probiotic Supplements : Allergy Defense

The PROBIOGEN Allergy Defense Probiotic supplement is a natural remedy that works to combat seasonal allergies effectively. The immunity-boosting formula is non-GMO and is soy and gluten-free, featuring patented Smart Spore Technology™. This ensures longer survival in the gut, 100 times longer to be exact when compared to traditional yogurts and other probiotic sources.

In addition to boosting immunity and helping to combat seasonal allergy symptoms, the supplement also supports digestive health and is infused with powerful herbs and vitamins. These include immunity-aiding Vitamin C, Stinging Nettles that help maintain respiratory health and anti-inflammatory Bromelain. The antioxidant Quercetin is also included alongside N-Acetyl-Cysteine that supports less oxidative stress.

This supplement helps support overall health without relying on harsh medicinal ingredients, making it a product ideal for those treating milder seasonal allergy cases.

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